Year three’s settling in.


From the first day of school, the year three’s have been settling in very well. We have intervewed a year three child named Lara.


Q: How are you finding the school so far?

A: Its very easy but it will get harder and it is very good.


Q:What’s your favourite subject?

A: Maths.


Q: What’s your least favourite subject?

A: English


Q: Do you think all the people in Overdale junior school nice, horrible or a bit of both?

A: I think that everybody is nice and will always help you when you need it. ( That goes for the teachers as well).


Q: Do you think the buddy’s ( in year 5) help you?

A: Yes, I absolutely love my buddy and all my friends buddies. They are always there when I need them.


We have now asked Lara about lots of the school and it sounds like she loves it!


By Asia, Jessica, Emine, Lara, Kimran and Fatima.

20 books 2017📚📚📚


This year, year 5 and 6 are voting on 20 new books for the year,  they will see which are the best five, then the best three and then they will decide on the best book of 2017. This is a good opportunity to get the children reading. A lady from a local library came and showed year 5 and 6 the  20 new books. This happens every year at Overdale Junior School. The books will be arriving from the 6th November 2017 till the 14th November. We don’t know what will happen when we’ve decided on the best book of the year yet but we will find out soon. There are scary books, funny books, weird books and even comics.


By Lolly🐯, Em🐶, Sharon🐰 and Christabel🐰.



The battle of the bands this time was a class against another class. One of them was 5e against 3c. Sadly, 5e lost. But the others were:

3em against 3s= 3em won

4n against 4t= 4t won

5wb against 4s= 5wb won

6w against 5o= 5o won

4cdl against 6e= 6e won

And 6a against 5ps= 6a won.

Mr Ellis we are very fortunate to be able to have TTROCKSTARS so I hope in the future we will do more battle of the bands soon and I was very happy about how many people took part in Mati and Lola 5e

Book fair 📖


This event will be happening after school on the 10th till the 12th of October. It will be held in junior school’s hall🏫.  They will not just sell books but also sell : finger pointers , dairys, spy set and many more. It will start at 3:20 and will end at 6:00. 🕰 You can buy stuff for your children whilst you are waiting for your child’s parent evening. If there is a book that your child would like and all of the copies have run out then on Thursday the 12th you can get a copy if you ask. This is a good opportunity   to get books and read. You can buy  books for your age. Be sure to bring your money so that you can buy one of these amazing books.👍.

By Emilia, Charlotte, kashaf.

Charity day!!!!!!!!!😊


On Friday the 13 of October there will be an event where children where their own clothes and have to bring in a (new) pound. The money will go to a country in the Carrabian called Barbuda, it was destroyed by HURRICANE IRMA!! In year 5 there is a boy named Aiden T and some of his family lives there. With the money they will spend it towards new schools and new buildings.

By Mati, Asia, Christabel and Shriya 5E

Times tables rock stars


The brand new trend in school, times tables rock stars.

In this awesome app, you do times tables to earn cash. Which lets you buy accessories to customise your avatar.

You can go online, get better rankings and even do class battles!

Just a few days ago, year 3 and 5 battled it out for th win and year five won!

Also right now year 4 and year 6 are vs each other and at the minute year 4 are winning easily.

Anyway, that’s all for today, see you soon!

By Josh, Samuel, Jack and Archie

Parents evening


All of the children are looking forwards to parents evening (not.) It will take place on Tuesday or Wednesday, from times 3:30 to 7:30. The parents evening will take up to 10 minutes, so not a long wait! When the torture is over, there will be a bookstore in the hall for you and your child to look around. Also in the healthy hut there will be bobbing!

By: Jessica, Lara, And Emine

Take one picture📸📷🎞📹🎥


The new topic (take one picture) involve a picture for each of the year groups, we all went to Compton Verny to make an impressive pease of art by drawing a peace of the picture then we submerged all of the bits of different pictures into one big picture.In topic we learn more about the picture, every picture has a different artist.

By Lola and Alyssa

Welcome miss Neal!!!


Miss Neal is a new teacher to the school and is a nice teacher. We have welcomed her warmly to the school and asked her some questions.

Q:What is your favourite colour?

A:Light blue

Q:What is your favourite type of dog?


Q:What is your favourite lesson?

A:Outdoors and P.E

Q:What is your favourite food?

A:Spagehtti bolgenase

Q:What is your favourite vegetable?


Q:Do you have any friends in the school?

A:Mrs Lissiman and the Year 4 team

Q:When is your Birthday?


Q:What is your favourite friut?


Q:What is your favourite ice cream?

A:Mint chocolate chip

Q:Do you support anything?

A:Nothing yet

Q:Do you like your class?


Q:What book are you reading?


Q:What are you good at?

A:Sports and English

Q:Are you going to start any assembly?


Q:Have you done any tests?

A:Not yet

Q: Who is the funniest in your class?

A:Some of the boys

Q:What’s your topic?

A:Anglo Saxons

By Emine,Charlotte and Asia.

Miss Neil, Ms Sands, Mr Wallace and Mrs Brown


Miss Neil
Finds the school a really nice place to be because there are loads of smiley faces 😊 In the corridor. Her new class is lovely, kind and helpful. She loves to teach in Overdale!

Mrs Brown
Is enjoying school and really likes her class.

Mr Wallace
Likes school and loves new class. He really likes Overdale!

Ms Sands
Says the children are friendly and, as Roald Dahl would say, they are ‘very nice human beans.’

By Matilda, Fatima and Archie 5E

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